White-Cliff-FaceNo Greek island is the same no matter how close they are to each other, and Kefalonia is no exception. The Island is the largest amongst a cluster of 7 islands, the Eptanissos. It has 365 villages and is characterized by its turquoise seas, lush green vegetation, wild and sheer mountain scenery and a fascinating variegated geological profile. Broad sandy beaches, small coves, and steep cliffs, step-like plains, fertile valleys, dense black forests of fir. It has a unique complex of caves and the highest mountain in the Ionian Islands, Mount. Ainos, standing at 1628m, are the most striking features of the island. Kefalonia is characterized by the creative forces of nature and three thousand years of cultural history.

Each of the islands is the sum total of its history and the differences in the people, culture and traditions are obvious from island to island. Read on to understand how the history of Kefalonia informs its people and has made it unique amongst the Ionian Islands. There are ferrys to take you on day trips to the other islands.