Purple-OrchidThis site has been created with the independent travelers in mind, people that love to get off the tourist path and walk in the shoes of the locals for a few days or weeks. Many of the recommendation made here cater to the local population so you will experience the genuine article not the tourist version. Before hiring a car and heading out, spend a few days around Argostoli and understand the true nature of the Ionian Islands.

Most of the recommendation are accessible by walking or better yet hire a bike, we can book a bike hire for you when you make your booking or contact www.rentabilekefalonia.gr. The bike will be delivered to Vivian Villa and collected again free of charge. We suggest you also get a helmet. Island driving style will be discussed later. Take a copy of these suggestions, try some, try them all, and let us know what you liked best or perhaps you have found some we need to add. In the photos gallery there are some photo locations further than Argostoli. Some are only accessible by sea (canoe or kayak) and others by overland vehicle. For your own safety do not take your rental off road or else your bank balance will also suffer.