Vivian Villa is located in Argostoli the capital of Kefalonia island, in a pleasant environment surrounded by greenery and near the sea. Within five minutes walk is the ferry to neighboring Lixouri and central square where you’ll find shops, bars, taverns, the library, museums other cultures centres. We are also very close to the port area where you will find  fishing boats, excellent bakeries, restaurants, the fruit and vegetable market and our local resident turtles that come in looking for a fish breakfast.



Some Practical Advice:
The Ionian Islands are a seasonal destination and prices of all goods and services will reflect this. Everything is more expensive in the peak summer months of June, July, and August and less so in winter. Summer is the hottest, most crowed and lest comfortable time on the island but for many this is the only time for their annual vacation.
If spending all day at the beach is not your idea of a good holiday then consider coming over at other times. The traditional and cultural events still go on regardless of season. Easter in April is a special time in the Greek Orthodox calendar, the days are warm but the sea is still a little cool.
Spring is a wonderful time with vivid green trees and the mountains are full of colorful wild flowers and the aroma of many types of herbs.
In Argostoli there is a special little shop that sells many of the local herbs and teas for medicinal purposes. You will find it at Archodoula Manolis Byron 6, a street just off Lithostrato Checkout the website,
Another wonderful month is September when most of the crowds have left, and the sun is still hot and the sea is still warm. 

Office Hours:

During summer the typical hours of operation are:
Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sundays are the weekend. 
Government departments and banks 7.30am- 2pm. These departments do not open again until the following morning. Keep away from 2 pm as they are thinking more about their afternoon siesta.
Police station open 24 hours - 7 days

The market area by the water front (Agora) - Monday to Saturday 

This area is where everyone does their household shopping, all the green grocers, markets, fish and meat monger and bakeries are found along this strip on both side of the road. They are general open all day but the quality and variety diminishes over the day, best time is in the morning. Grab a coffee at the local bakery, more about this latter.
Never drive here, it’s a one way road with everyone double and triple parking, the best mode of transport here is walking or the bike.

Lithostrato Street:

This is the main area for general shopping, photos shops, souvenirs shops, jewelers, stationary and bookshops, sweet shops and many high fashion clothing and shoe shops, much of the fashion is direct from Italy. There is of course the customary array of AL-fresco cafes and ice cream shops.
This is supposed to be a pedestrian only area but beware the motor bikes, scooters, vespers and anything else on two wheels. The area gets very busy during the evening with many tourist coming in from other areas and the local’s promenading up and down with their children.
This area gets going around 10am until 2pm then it will close, the owners are off for lunch and a siesta. The shops will begin to open again around 6pm until around 11pm. This is Monday to Friday, on Saturday many places are open but on Sunday most are closed. Remember Kefalonia operates on “island time” so there is no precision with time, everything is “around this time or that time”. Hours do change over winter. Best mode of transport, walking or the bike.

Siesta Time:

The island does have an official siesta time from about 2-6 pm which the locals take very seriously as do the police. If you are out and about especially with children please remember this is a quiet time. You will note that even large noisy trucks are off the roads over this time.


It is very easy to become dehydrated here over summer especially for children, watch out for headaches and heat stroke. The locals do not drink the water from the tap, that is not to say that it is not drinkable, it is suitable for teeth, washing, cooking etc. The best and cheapest place to buy bottles water is the supermarkets, the larger the bottle the cheaper it is. Put a few bottles in your fridge at the Villa.

Pubic Toilets:

Unfortunately, there are none. This an appalling state of affairs for an island that encourages tourism No amount of complaining to the council seems to make a difference. Many people try and use the facilities of the local business which then causes problems, because it's not just the odd person, it a lot of people. Many business will say they don't have one. The best way to get access is to buy something at the business. If you have lunch make sure to go before you leave. At some point you will be forced to go Al fresco so never leave your accommodation unprepared especially if you have children. Please look after our beautiful island and ensure you leave no evidence behind.